Seeing is believing. 

We build visual A.I. solutions for the modern enterprise. 

Let's get you future proofed. 

We custom engineer computer vision A.I. solutions that secure you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

You bring us the problem and we build you a solution. Our industry agonistic philosophy allows us into  medical, retail, industrial, government, security...and more. 

We are a one-stop shop solution, offering  end-to-end development for software and hardware integration.  

On top of custom solutions, we pre-build and sell software for common computer vision industry challenges using lean methodology. 



Our full-stack team is ready to implement end-to-end solutions. All in one house. 

Fractional Model

Fractional model means a fraction of the cost. Start the project without having the delay and cost of hiring your own team. 

Quicker than fast

Speed kills. We reinforce our clients as leaders in their fields by creating early and competitive advantages.


Depot is an intelligent application to automate bottle identification and save thousands of dollars per annum on bottle sorting. 

Blackbox is our thermal image and low light computer vision solution that can easily be customized for a range of applications. 

Eyesight uses computer vision and machine learning to make cameras intelligent, helping you build a physical clickstream of a site to visualize new data insights, generate real-time alerts, and take smart actions.

Let's build the future.


Based out of Calgary,Alberta JP builds custom computer vision software for the modern enterprise, regardless of industry


Pre-Series A Funding round complete as of October 5th, 2020.  Thank you to our shareholders!